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A not so gentle reminder re: off board contact

This is a test forum, a place to practice making posts, trying out avatars etc.

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A not so gentle reminder re: off board contact

Postby knoxy » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:17 am

Hello folks,

Please, please, please remember that personal information or contact information outside of this board IS NOT PERMITTED.

There is no work around here. If you want to discuss something, discuss it here. Private correspondence, PMing or emailing is not allowed.


This is for your safety. You don't know who is on the other end of that computer EVER.

Any outside contact information or identifying information will be deleted ASAP by the moderation team. First infraction will be a warning, second will be an immediate ban.

If you have any questions, contact the mods at [email protected].

Thank you.
Take a lesson from the strangeness you feel. Know you will never be the same. Find it in your heart to kneel down and say "I gave my love, didn't I? I gave it big sometimes. I gave it in my own sweet time. I'm just leaving.~ Jane Siberry
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Re: A not so gentle reminder re: off board contact

Postby surviveducan2 » Wed Jan 20, 2010 2:53 am

Just want to add:

For your own online safety and security please do not post any personal or private information regarding yourself, your abuser, other people or their families (which can also be classed as Slander/Libel), including, real names, phone numbers, home and email addresses, or any other methods of contact that can be used to trace your true identity, location, etc..


Just to be clear, this is done for YOUR safety. I understand 100%, how after a while you feel a bond with people here. Many of you know what its like to be in a relationship with an N (in one form or another)? Do you know/remember, how N's at first and for many months - even years - they can seem like the bee's knees and then BOOM! out of no where they seem to do a 180?? We've had members here like that, OK?? We've had certain members, seemingly ok, suddenly do an about-turn and then start targeting and stalking other members online in this very way. IT HAS HAPPENED. Don't think you're so special that it can't happen to you. If you have no idea what it's like to be stalked, harassed or given unwanted attention or demands - then you have truly been blessed because it is a living NIGHTMARE for those that do know what it's like.

We don't put such things in the forum rules just for kicks or because we think it makes us sound important or whatever you may think of such restrictions. This is done BECAUSE the RISK exists.

We do our best to protect member's anonymity AND safety. Please do not trample on or abuse our efforts to keep you safe and/or put us in a position of having to enforce necessary consequences.

We consider your safety even if you don't.
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